About Us

The West Australian Baseball Umpire’s Association (WABUA) is a non-profit, incorporated association of umpires formed in 1936 to develop and further the interests of umpiring and baseball.  The main objectives of the WABUA are:
  • to encourage and promote the umpiring of Baseball generally in Australia and more specifically in Western Australia,
  • to provide umpires for games under the control of Baseball WA,
  • to provide training in the rules of baseball and the mechanics of umpiring,
  • to promote social activities for the members of the Association.
The day-to-day management of the WABUA is conducted by an Executive Committee which also includes the State Director of Umpiring who is appointed by Baseball WA.
General meetings of the WABUA are held every two weeks throughout the baseball season.  These general meetings, more commonly known as Rules and Mechanics Meetings, provide on-going training for members as well as a social gathering.  For meeting dates this season, link on the "Current Umpires" menu option. 

The premier social activity of the WABUA is its annual awards-presentation dinner held in April/May each year at the end of the baseball season.

The WABUA is affiliated with the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) through which it is linked to other umpiring Associations throughout Australia.  Also through its affiliation with the ABF, the WABUA works towards ensuring uniform interpretation of the rules of Baseball and umpiring mechanics throughout Australia.

As part of its commitment to baseball and umpiring, the WABUA provides a range of training for its members, baseball clubs and individuals.  The main focus of training is an extensive pre-season course that is structured to provide tuition in umpiring at a range of levels.  Other umpire training courses have been conducted for country baseball associations and clubs, schools and individual metropolitan baseball clubs. The WABUA maintains a high level of expertise by sending its own instructors to Professional Umpiring Schools in the USA.

As well as the local senior and junior baseball competitions, the WABUA also provides umpires and support for: elite junior squads playing interstate; National Schoolboys Championships; U14, U16 and U18 ABF National Championships and the Claxton Shield (Senior National Championships).  WABUA umpires have also been selected for international competitions such as the Intercontinental Cup, World Cup and the Olympic Games. Currently, one of our WABUA umpires is currently umpiring professional baseball in the United States.