Before & After the Game

  • Arrive at the ground a minimum of 45 minutes before the scheduled starting time for your first game of the day
  • Introduce yourself to officials of the home club and ask for directions to the umpire's dressing room
  • Have a walk around the field you will be umpiring on, looking for anjything that may present an issue in relation to ground rules
  • Make sure you are in uniform, ready to leave the dressing room 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time.

Both the plate and base umpires should be present for the manager's meeting 5 minutes prior to the start of the game with the manager of each team.

  • Introduce yourself to both managers
  • Accept two copies (white and blue) of the home team’s lineup card and check to ensure that no names or fielding positions are duplicated
  • Ensure the copy matches the original and give the copy to the opposing manager
  • Accept two copies the visiting team's lineup card and check
  • Have home team manager advise ground rules and ensure they comply with the Official Baseball Rules
  • State the time limit and/or innings limit as per the BWA regulation


After the game has been completed, the plate umpire is required to:

  • Sign each team’s scorebook on both pages
  • For Senior games only – complete the Baseball WA Fairest & Best voting card and take with you.  You will be required to hand this in as proof of working senior games.  Also complete any club Fairest & Best cards as requested by the clubs.
  • Deliver the Baseball WA Fairest & Best card to Mark Richardson at Rules and Mechanics Meetings or send to him at 19 Belfast Street Morley WA 6062.