Ejections & Reports

A report must be submitted to the Umpires Advisor for Baseball WA after any game in which any participant has been ejected. Also, in any other instance for which an umpire believes the attention of Baseball WA is required, a report should be submitted at once.

The report is to be e-mailed to dgripper@iinet.net.au by 5pm on the next working day after the completion of the game. Please report only the facts of the incident and not your opinions and if additional space is needed, please use blank paper.

All umpires should complete the form and e-mail it to David Gripper at dgripper@iinet.net.au and then call Dave on 9448 3126 (home) or 0403 777 618 to advise him of the report BEFORE it is submitted in case any amendments are necessary.

For a copy of the BWA Ejection and/or Report Form, please  click here.